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Smoke on the Horizon Connection between Smoking and AM

PROPOSAL bachelor thesis GNK B15 2017 2018 Student details Name Student number 2570332 PhD internist hematologist Tentative Title of bachelor thesis Smoke on the horizon Connection between Smoking and AML Bachelor Thesis proposal Background Acute myeloid leukaemia AML is a life threatening haematological malignancy in which in a short time days to weeks a rapid growth of malignant leukaemia cells blasts takes the place of normal blood production in the bone marrow and peripheral blood 1 In 2017 in the United States 21 380 estimated new cases of leukaemia 11 960 men and 9 420 women were diagnosed with AML and 10 590 people 6 110 men and 4 480 women died from it 2 AML incidence rates are increased from 3 4 per 100 000 in 2004 to 5 1 in 2013 although the death rates stayed stable 2 Most people diagnosed with AML are approximately 66 years with 54 patients over 65 years and 33 over 75 years 3 Of the patients who are diagnosed at a later age the diagnosis is frequently correlated with underlying risk factors 

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