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Afghanistan is a third world country

Afghanistan is a third world country with many human rights violations such as child labor women s equal rights and education People of Afghanistan live in misery because they don t have their basic needs fulfilled They are tortured on the hands of militant groups who are responsible for human genocide However its the governments job to protect its people and provide them with a solid educational system and benefits The continuous war on terror also is an added factor The people of Afghanistan are suffering due to negligence on the hands of powerful people in the country The education system in Afghanistan is one of the weakest around the world Due to lack of schools and academic strength the population is affected immensely Because of the lack of educational system and cultural discouragement fewer females attend school The male literacy rate isn t that high either ranking at eighteen percent with females only at five percent These school enrollment rates for students are fifty-four percent for males and twelve percent for females Since the attendant rates for schools are so low schools don t have qualified teachers or an academic system The teachers are underpaid and don t have enough funds to provide facilities in the classroom environment Since education isn t a priority the children of the nation are working hard to provide for their families

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