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Second Amendment to the Constitution

Second Amendment The Right To Bear Arms I believe the Second Amendment to the Constitution The Right To Bear Arms was included in the Bill of Rights for a very important reason and is a very important part of American history The originals framers of the Constitution needed to include this Right as it was critical to the survival of the citizens of the United States We had just fought our War of Independence and guns were needed during that war to protect the families and properties of the people who fought so hard to gain independence Not only were guns and other weapons important for defense of themselves and their families but the same guns were used to hunt animals for food clothing and shelter Without the use of guns and weapons many of the settlers would have starved or been unable to properly clothe their families to protect them from the very harsh winters they faced The guns were also used to ward off predator animals from their livestock As police forces were few and far between and armies could not be everywhere each family also needed to protect their farms properties and small businesses from bandits and other outlaws As the United States continued to expand and its borders moved further west other needs for protection grew Settlers moving west had to protect themselves from Indian attacks and once again provide food as the wagon trains and individuals traveled on

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In Brown Lord Mustill reaffirmed that contact Sports

In Brown Lord Mustill reaffirmed that contact sports were an exception to the normal rules of consent owing to the public interest in sport He then went on to say Some sports such as the various codes of football have deliberate bodily contact as an essential element They lie at a mid point between fighting where the participant knows that his opponent will try to harm him and the milder sports where there is at most an acknowledgement that someone may be accidentally hurt In the contact sports each player knows and by taking part agrees that an opponent may from time to time inflict upon his body for example by a rugby tackle what would otherwise be a painful battery By taking part he also assumes the risk that the deliberate contact may have unintended effects conceivably of sufficient severity to amount to grievous bodily harm But he does not agree that this more serious kind of injury may be inflicted deliberately Lord Mustill is in essence implying that the participant cannot thus consent to the fact that he might be seriously injured This assertion raises issues around it s practicality within the sporting sphere For instance the UK Central Council of Physical Recreation CCPR stated that This raises a crucial question for sport Does a player who walks on to a pitch be it cricket football or rugby for example consent to the fact that he may be injured but not to the fact that he might be seriously injured Is it right that no one can consent to the risk of serious injury If a rugby tackle is made within the rules of the game i e not too high and not too late but nevertheless is an extremely hard tackle and the opponent sustains a serious injury as a result of the tackle the question has to be did the opponent consent to that tackle Hard tackles in rugby are not only encouraged but applauded

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