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Pret’s Business Strategy

One of the most significant strength of the company which has sustained its performance over years of existence is its overall business and marketing strategy as well as approach to food preparation One of the main ways the company has sought to gain competitive strength and differentiation is by promoting its food offering as being good for you and its business as being ethical Datamonitor 2008 2 By establishing kitchens directly in its shops Pret is able to prepare handmade food and deliver it to customers fresh each morning with unsold food being offered to charity at the end of the day Pret 2017c Moreover Pret is carefully sourcing ingredients for its food by only establishing relationship with suppliers that have highest possible levels of animal welfare environmental stewardship and ethical farming Pret 2017d Pret also aims at contributing zero waste to the landfill by donating unused food to homeless charities utilising sustainable and recyclable packaging and training employees to reduce the number of napkins and plastic bags offered to customers Marati 2012 Lastly Pret devotes significant amount of resources for employees training and even established training academy which has helped to increase profits during recession It Is Rigorous 2011 Marketing strategy of Pret also imposes some weaknesses Firstly the company incurs a lot of costs associated with loss of unsold food Although it is being given to charities which improves company's image and makes it more sustainable in the eyes of the consumers it results in losses on the company's account Its sourcing strategy also implies careful selection of sustainable products which are usually high priced resulting in high final products prices

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