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Intrigued with the notion of genetic Therapy

Corrie I too have always been intrigued with the notion of genetic therapy genetic modification or what they call genetic engineering Basically a technique used by geneticists utilizing processes to alter an organism's genetic DNA blueprint to create different variations The potential for applying this knowledge and information for healing damaged tissue and curing acquired and genetic diseases are daunting As you pointed out the use of this is currently limited due to ethical concerns costly experiments and government approval With further investigation into the topic of genetic engineering the term dual use research of concern DURC continued to surface Kuhlau Hoglund Evers Eriksson 2011 defined this as life science research intended to benefit with the potential to do harm if misapplied This comes down to genetic engineering being used to do good such as cure and heal or misused to harm as in bioterrorism or weapons of mass destruction It had honestly never dawned on me what far reaching effects intentional or accidental use of DURC could pose on public health national security and the world s ecosystems 

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