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Falls are the number one cause of death for seniors in America

Falls are the number one cause of death for seniors in America and there is a misconception out there that falls only happen to frail unhealthy seniors This isn't the case Just as many falls happen to healthy active seniors who maintain various activities outside in their community We have asked our senior home care experts how to help prevent falls in the community to help you identify your risks while outside your home Taking Public Transportation While using the public transportation system there are plenty of fall risks You could fall going in and out of the bus or train It is important to let the driver known if you require any assistance stepping up or out A lot of times seniors feel that they can do this themselves but don't realize that the step down is further away than they anticipated and they stumble Be sure if you do feel you are able to help yourself up onto the bus or train that you use the provide handles to support your weight Also when choosing where to sit make sure that you choose a seat near the front and ask the driver to wait for you to take your seat before they start moving If you do require additional assistance you can ask the driver or a friendly straighter for some support Using Sidewalks Crosswalks While going out for walks in your community or visiting neighbors using the sidewalks and crosswalks is the safest way but always ensure that your walking path is safe 

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