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Operation Anaconda the largest battle in the invasion of Afghanistan

Introduction Operation Anaconda was the largest battle in the initial invasion of Afghanistan The planning of the operation proved to be complex especially in dealing with multi unit joint operations Despite the limited time for planning limited multi unit interoperability and lack of resources Organizational Management functions played an essential role in the successful execution of Operation Anaconda Planning and Organizing Joint Special Operations Task Force North JSOTF N initially started the planning of Operation Anaconda Forward Combined Forces Land Component Commander CFLCC FWD finalized the plan for Operation Anaconda on February 13 2002 in Bagram Airfield On February 17 2002 Central Command CENTCOM and CFLCC gave command authority of the operation to MG Franklin L Buster Hagenback commander of the 10th Mountain Division and Combined Joint Task Force CJTF Mountain At this time CJTF Mountain had a little over a week to take over an operation in which originally was tasked to Special Operations Forces SOF Complex Command Structure CJTF Mountain had command authority over 3rd Brigade BDE 101st Air Assault Division Task Force TF Dagger and other SOF units However it did not have command authority over Task Force 11 a key SOF unit tasked in reconnaissance and air strikes over High Value Target HVT In addition CJTF Mountain did not have command authority over air assets belonging to the other branches of service i e 

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