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The Impact of Social Media on Socialization

The Impact of Social Media on Socialization Abstract How does social media impact human socialization This study examines the relationship between the use of social media and the impact it has on social interactions It explores how social media platforms such as Facebook SnapChat and Twitter have changed the way people conduct social interactions with one another daily This study set out to explore the negative and positive impacts of these changes on human socialization Empirical data was collected using a survey tool through structured face to face interviews The qualitative data obtained shows while social media has its benefits there are negative impacts on the social interactions between individuals It compares the impact of social media on individuals from different age groups It shows a close correlation between social media usage and decreased face to face social interactions Over time Innovation and creativity have changed the landscape of social interaction between humans Ancient forms of human communication include cave drawings smoke signals symbols and carrier pigeons During the late 1800 s communication became more advanced with the invention of the typewriter and the telephone 

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