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Obesity is clearly a growing problem with today’s young Children

Obesity is clearly a growing problem with today’s young children Society is becoming excruciatingly lazy and we need to take control Technology is now a reflection of our culture and it saddens me to think that my generation has contributed largely to this Did you know that one in ten primary school children are considered overweight or obese Obesity is a very serious condition where excess fat increases around the body and by doing so can cause extreme harm or danger to the individual Once you are diagnosed with obesity it s very difficult to get rid of therefore medical practitioners consider it to be a life long illness Since 1980 the UK s childhood obesity has tripled I believe there are a lot of factors responsible for this Children aged 6 to 15 spend on average 6 hours every day sitting in front of a screen Although teenage boys are currently the worst as they spend a staggering 8 hours in front of a screen This is accompanied by the growing popularity in Xboxes play station and of course mobile phones It could be said that these circumstances are one of the main contributions to today s obesity within young children It has become clear that children aren t willing to do something about it 

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