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Municipal WasteWater Treatment Plant is one of the prominent Events

Introduction Municipal WasteWater Treatment Plant is one of the prominent events in the world in order to preserve the environment Nevertheless the activated sludge processes make this as a highly expansive activity to treat the waste water with current regulations and requirements Although the technologies such as Development of bioreactor Aerobic granular sludge systems are arrived there is no any significant changes But it is believed that the anaerobic technology can be a significant solution for this major issue The anaerobic technology has been used for the treatment of industrial wastewater and sludge treatment also The anaerobic condition produces microorganisms and biogas which can be utilised for the treatment of sludge and energy requirement of plant respectively The digested sludge by anaerobic microorganisms can be used for the land applications Although this sludge production can improve the economy rate the organic matter in the sewage sludge is very less as large quantity of organic matters are accumulated in the water Hence in order to enhance the strength of the sludge the organic matter has to be extracted from water to the sludge as per side stream technology or the Mainline treatment Direct treatment of low strength water anaerobically should be followed Despite the Side stream sludge treatment is used since many years some of the advanced technologies are required to enhance the organic matter in the sludge and efficiency of the sludge separation process 

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