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Excuses for most schools to continue starting earlier than 8 30

There aren’t anymore excuses for most schools to continue starting earlier than 8 30 am Right now over 85 of schools are Wahlstrom Senior The average public high school in the US starts at 7 59 am This means that students don t get the recommended 8 5 9 5 hours of sleep because the sleep wake cycle causes most adolescents get their best sleep between 11 pm 8 am Chen Tim There is an abundant amount of valid evidence schools cannot deny Schools need to start later in the morning so students can get a full night s sleep which will decrease risks that are caused by lack of sleep will increase academics and will stop sleep deprivation Some of the risks that are caused by lack of sleep are shocking Both pediatricians and the CDC groups cited significant risks such as higher rates of obesity motor vehicle accidents symptoms of depression and an overall lower quality of life Depression can lead to substance abuse and even suicide More sleep would result in fewer student injuries and fewer missed hours in class and on the field In 2012 the study of Los Angeles middle and high school athletes researchers found that getting less than 8 hours of sleep was the strongest predictor of injury If that wasn t enough another study in North Carolina showed more than a quarter of injured athletes missed at least one week of playing time Lewis Lisa L Which could be because of lack of sleep It is understandable without getting enough sleep at night it s hard to go throughout the whole school day and then go to practice right after for another hour or two One of the biggest risks is driving Teen driving accidents could also be because of the loss of sleep Teens and young adults are involved in more than half of all drowsy driving crashes annually says Jonathan Adkins National Highway Safety Administrations says drowsy driving is an Extreme danger Lewis Lisa L So if teens were able to sleep at the time their bodies got tired at most of these studies wouldn t even exist 

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