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Equal pay is something that women have been fighting For

Equal pay is something that women have been fighting for throughout many years To this day this issue has not yet been resolved Women have struggled to be accepted as equals when it comes to being paid the same as males for the same job At the same time some of the men are almost oblivious to what is happening This has been an ongoing fight for females and it is about time it ends since it can be beneficial to the economy as a whole Women have been fighting for equal pay as early as 1898 during the industrialization era Lerum 2013 The first bill that prohibited a pay discrimination towards women was the Women s Equal Pay Act of 1945 Lerum 2013 Sadly this bill did not pass the legislation During the years between 1948 and 1962 over seventy bills involving equal pay were purposed to Congress but none of the bills made it to a congressional hearing Lerum 2013 Since 1963 when the Equal Pay Act became a law women now earn roughly eighty cents to a man s dollar Siniscalco 2014 With that being said there are still many reasons as to why the pay gap has not been resolved The Paycheck Fairness Act was supposed to lessen the pay gap Lerum 2013 This was passed by Congress but the progress that has occurred since it has been passed is that women now make seventy seven cents to a man s dollar instead of fifty nine cents to the dollar Lerum 2013 People who were against the PFA thought it would increase the costs for lawsuits or benefit lawyers Lerum 2013 The PFA showed that the end goal is still the same for congressional members as it was back in 1962 but the gap is still evident Lerum 2013 

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