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McDonald's is one of the most well known and largest fast Food

Organization background McDonald's is one of the most well known and largest fast food service in the global corporations in the world today McDonald's is stated operating fast food restaurants in over 119 countries and service food retailer with over 36 000 locations The McDonald's restaurants operating is more than 80 franchised are owned and operated independent local business McDonalds s company estimates that its serves around 69 million every day in the world McDonalds com Ray Kroc is a founder of McDonald's in 1958 at San Bernardino California In the year 1954 Ray Kroc is a sales man of several Multimixers that time he visited a restaurant run by two brothers there are Dick and Mac McDonald The McDonald's Corporation is a small restaurant but successful They produced and concentrating a few items in limited menu and provide and focus the service of quality and quick Kroc saw and think this is an opportunity of the restaurant He bought the exclusive rights to the McDonald's name in the 1955

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