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Hidden curriculum is that of The self fulfilling Prophecy

Further to the issue of the hidden curriculum is that of The self fulfilling prophecy which is conceptually linked to the Thomas Theorem after its author W I Thomas that holds If you believe things are real they are real in their consequences University discoveries 2009 Thomas 1909 argued that if people define social situations as real they become real in there consequences now known as the self fulfilling prophecy It suggests that the process of labelling and stereotyping of individuals by others is taken on board and becomes internalised resulting in the given label becoming true Subsequently teacher expectations can have a real effect on how students achieve Those students who have been told they are no good at something are more likely to down tools and therefore underachieve As a result tutors spend more time with those high achievers or those that the tutor believes will succeed The evidence presented in Brown v Board of Education 1954 suggested that black children brought up in a society that held them to be inferior learned to feel and act inferior Harber and Meighan 2007 p 167 Babad et al 1982 cited in Jussim and Harber 2005 found no differences in athletic accomplishments between high and low expectancy students performance among low bias teachers In contrast they did find that the high expectancy students performed more highly than the low expectancy students among high bias teachers 

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