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Narcos and The Big Short Netflix series Narcos and Movie

Final Essay Narcos and The Big Short Netflix series Narcos and movie The Big Short take place in very different settings Narcos takes place in Columbia in the 1970s through 1990s Narcos focuses mainly on the informal economy The informal economy consists of jobs sales and markets that aren't regulated by the government The Big Short takes place in America in the early 2000s and focuses on the formal economy The formal economy is regulated by the government and for the most part legal Although the story lines are very different there is something they have in common Money leads to larger impact criminality As we see in both the more money Escobar and the men of The Big Short have the greedier they become As their greed increases as well as their money their impact increases The crimes started off small nationally and directly As the men gain more money greed and power their actions begin to impact more people indirectly The men of The Big Short and Escobar symbolize money differently Escobar symbolized money with power In Columbia most of the people surrounding Escobar are poor 

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