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Trauma that occurs when the brain's function is Disrupted

Traumatic brain injuries are a type of trauma that occurs when the brain's function is disrupted This disruption can be caused by many different things such as a blow to the head There are several different ways to classify TBI s some include closed head injury open head injury contusion and penetrating trauma A closed head injury is when the skull is still intact and there is no penetration of the skull An open head injury is the opposite it's when penetration of the skull is present causing direct injury to the head Contusion is the bruising to a part of the brain this results in bleeding in the tissue Penetrating trauma occurs when an object enters the brain this causes direct injury and pushes fragments of the skull into the brain All of these types of trauma can cause injury to one part of the brain or multiple Athletes have a substantial risk of sustaining a head injury while participating in their contact sport 

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