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The difference between learning a closely related Language

The difference between learning a closely related language and a totally unrelated one can be likened to the situation of two friends a good tennis player and a good soccer player who both take up squash while still continuing to have tennis and soccer respectively as their main games Ringbom 1987 The past two decades have witnessed a clear interest in the field of third language acquisition TLA after 1987 when Ringbom published the first book about TLA this field has established as a new research area on its own Traditionally second language acquisition SLA was the dominant field of foreign language learning and teaching According to Crystal 1997 the majority of the world's population is multilingual and the most of the present researches are focused on the process generally on multilingual communities and or among multilingual individuals Many different factors influence third language acquisition processes Odlin 1989 Cenoz 2001 De Angelis 2007 Jarvis and Pavlenko 2007 and Hall and Ecke 2003 stated lists of factors affecting 

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