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Civil Rights Movement throughout my high years I was not Surprised

In the first eighteen minutes of the film I was shocked that the officers were able to barge into the Lovings home and imprison them Having studied the Civil Rights Movement throughout my high years I was not surprised at the fact that the officers treated the Lovings this way but more so that the state of Virginia was able to do this that interracial marriage was against the law After watching the movie I was very interested in the Loving v Virginia case that I decided to do a little bit of outside research I wanted to know more about the way the 14th Amendment played a role in determining this case s outcome I wanted to also know more about what some of the Supreme Court judges had to say on this account Finally I wanted to know how the Loving v Virginia case impacted the American society today The film does a great job at showing the Loving s story and struggles that they went through I found it inspiring how they fought against what they knew was morally wrong Moreover this film made me think about the different elements I learned throughout this course This class made it easier for me to follow the Loving s case and route to the Supreme Court For example in the beginning of the semester we were assigned the Supreme Court current case term synopsis paper which was supposed to familiarize the class with reading and figuring out Supreme Court cases After doing this assignment I was able to do the same with the Loving v Virginia case The Lovings were tried and convicted at the 

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