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How does Smoking Affect your Body

How does Smoking Affect your Body I have always been intrigued by the sheer number of people in this world who smoke Nasty chemicals and smoke going into your body does not sound pleasant My grandma used to smoke for over 40 years thinking it was okay She got addicted Eventually she started having breathing and back problems I persuaded her to quit that she will get so much healthier Three years ago in December my grandmother stopped smoking because of me Since then her health is slowly but surely getting better The heart lungs brain and so many more parts are negatively affected by smoking Smoking has a major impact on your heart When a smoker smokes they let carbon monoxide into their blood The carbon monoxide then reduces the oxygen level because it needs somewhere to go Also heart attacks and strokes are more common in smokers Common people can also have strokes and heart attacks nut when you smoke their is a much higher risk The chemicals and carbon monoxide lead to damaging arteries and building a fatty material up which narrows the artery pathways British Heart Foundation Blood clots are also very common in smokers When the lining of blood vessels break these clots can form The American Heart Association Also nicotine stimulates the human body 

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