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In the film Good Will Hunting 1997

Will was a young man who worked as a janitor at M I T lived in a poor community and was referred to as a Southie However he was much more than just that He was an astonishing mathematical genius who could solve even the most complex equation He had an ability that many would love to have yet he could not recognize that and was unwilling to live up to his full potential commonly referred to as impostor syndrome From the very beginning of the film it was evident that his self esteem and idea of self concept suffered greatly due to his upbringing He was an orphan child who grew up in various foster homes and was physically abused pretty severely Will s low self esteem developed early in his life and carried with him throughout his early adult years Will was more than comfortable being a poor Southie and was content to stay there all of his life He chose to base his life around his friends because loyalty and reciprocity were the only aspects of love he could understand and there are no risks when you don't aspire to dream Will s only concern was doing what he had to do to get by he was living life with no real purpose He had a difficult time building any trusting relationships with anyone other than his three best friends and had uncontrollable anger 

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