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Philip Tagg at the University of Liverpool devised a Study

In the year 2000 Philip Tagg at the University of Liverpool devised a study to assess people's reactions to the changing of background music in a short piece of footage The footage used was the original opening title to the television soap Emmerdale Farm Hatch 1972 The opening comprises of a solitary pan shot from a helicopter overlooking multiple disproportionate green fields bordered with stonewalls The shot continues to pan over a small cluster of grey stoned houses and a churchyard skirted with large trees covered in green leaves From just off in the distance you can see a small car driving towards the houses it passes the village green as the footage does its first edit in the 30 second opening and points towards one of the stoned farmhouses and farmyards The music that plays with the footage is the original Emmerdale Farm theme from 1972 written by Tony Hatch Tagg describes the music as belonging to the same basic European tradition of pastoral music as do Dawn from Grieg's Peer Gynt The piece has a 6 8 time signature and is placed at a slow rate dottedcrochet 72 It s legato e cantabile oboe melody moves in quavers and stay within the span of an octave with the exception of short suspensions which are immediately resolved This is also accompanied by arpeggios played in the style of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata on the piano 

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