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An experimental investigation on high Temperature

An experimental investigation on high temperature CO2 capture by hydrotalcite sorbent Aamir Hanif Soumen Dasgupta Anshu Nanoti and M O Garg CSIR Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun 248005 Abstract Rising levels of CO2 in the atmosphere due to burning of fossil fuel have been recognized to be the main contributor of global warming and associated climate change phenomenon 1 Fossil fuel combustion for power generation is the major source of increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere 2 3 There are two strategies for the CO2 capture from the power plants viz post combustion capture and pre combustion capture Post combustion is an end of pipe treatment of the flue gases for removal of the CO2 present prior to discharge through the stack 4 CO2 levels are generally in the range of 5 to 15 depending on the type of fuel undergoing combustion and the CO2 must be removed from mixtures with N2 O2 moisture and SOx NOx if present In pre combustion approach gasification of feed stock Coal produces a hot multi component gas stream containing acidic gases like H2S CO2 along with H2 Conventional solvent based technology for removal of acid gases operates at low temperatures hence the gas cleanup train requires cyclic heating and cooling steps to produce clean H2 

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