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Corbusier originated his five points of Architecture

Corbusier originated his five points of architecture to lead the development of his buildings and became what he saw as successive points of design Pilotis Supporting walls being replaced by a grid of reinforced concrete columns Open floor plan Lack of supporting walls means free flowing floor plans Free design of facade Facade is separate from structural function so gives freedom to the design Ribbon window Window flows round as long strips Roof gardens Bringing a sense of nature to the brutalism Béton brut translating to raw concrete is how Le Corbusier described the material choice of many of his structures later to be termed as Brutalist Architecture by British architectural critic Reynar Banham The controversial style has the intention of being audacious bold and daunting featuring mostly large scale heavy structures constructed from raw concrete This style was later popularised heavily throughout the world in a range of uses such as social housing and public buildings Hopkins 2014 However it s not just the material and exterior form that differentiates this style from others Used largely for social housing complexes Corbusier wanted to create interior cities with streets flowing throughout arising from his famous quote a house is a machine for living in One of his most famous examples of this is the Unité d habitation an 18 story slab block in Marseille constructed to house the many left from the second world war 

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