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Animal Cruelty Research Paper

Animal Cruelty Research Paper Outline Introductory sentences Imagine being a dog You’re being beat up by your owner and have had no water or food for the past year Approximately 6 5 million animals undergo animal abuse each year 3 3 million which are dogs and 3 million are cats 10 000 dogs die from being forced to fight against each other every year According to these facts a lot of problems are caused with animal abuse How can an app be made to reduce any animal abuse done to dogs Body of Paper Paragraph Two Introductory Sentence What is animal cruelty Fact One When someone doesn t care for an animal responsibly this is called animal cruelty Not giving a shelter like food and water is against the law To be cruel to or harm animals is also against the law APA in text Citation for Fact PAWS 2018 para 1 Fact Two These are illegal things to do in support against animal cruelty To attend an animal fighting event To use live vertebrates for experiments or exhibitions in a manner that causes them pain or interferes with their normal health To subject cause or procure an animal to be tortured or tormented or to be cruelly killed beaten or mutilated To fail to notify the owner or police after striking a dog or cat with a motor vehicle 

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