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Leadership of Mandela South African Laws

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born on July 18 1918 in Mvezo South Africa yet unknown to him that he would be one of the most aspiring leaders to ever exist Due to his role in the ANC and leadership of Mandela South African laws changed but he was much more than just a political leader Nelson Mandela was a lawyer peace activist Philanthropist and a 37 time award winner However before his fame and life changing accomplishments Mr Mandela went through various challenges and significant events Nelson Mandela father was Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa was chief of the Tembu tribe Nelson Mandela mother was Nonqaphi Nosekeni At the age of 9 Mr Mandela father died where he was placed in the custody of his uncle Nelson Mandela attended school in Qunu then receiving the name Nelson from Ms Midigane due to the custom of all school children receiving a Christian name When completing his Junior certificate at Clarkebury Boarding Institute furthered his education at Headtown a Wesleyan secondary school Mandela then attempted to study the Bachelor arts degree but was expelled for joining student protest Mr Mandela fled to Johannesburg in 1941 due to the king threaten to wed Nelson to his cousin Justice if Nelson Mandela did not return to 

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Some people think it would be terrible to be a Martyr

Some people think it would be terrible to be a martyr which means dying because of your faith But at least you died for what you believed in and stood your ground for the Lord Two martyrs that aren't as well known are Pope Clement I and Sister Leonella Sgorbati They both faced death for what they had faith in Clement I was born in Rome Italy his birth date unknown and died in the first century A D in Chersonesus Greece Not much information is said about Clement s early life but according to an early Christian writer Tertullian Clement was said to have been consecrated by Peter Clement was also brought up in the school of Apostles Clement I was the first Apostolic Father from 88 A D to 99 A D An Apostolic Father was any Greek Christian writer whose writings dated from the late first century to the early second century At the time there were several bishops instead of one so pope doesn t really apply to this situation but Clement is still called Pope Clement I Little is known about Pope Clement s papacy but it was said by many of the Latins that Clement was the successor of Peter the Apostle St Jerome had said that he somewhat followed this opinion but he also correctly stated that Clement was the fourth pope Others state that Pope Clement I was preceded by Peter Linus and Cetus Anacletus

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