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SUMMARY ON PERFORMANCE TESTING OVER ALL STRATEGY Testing is a process of validating and verifying the application or product to building a successful application or product we have two fundamental hinges functionality and performance Functionality what you can achieve through application in what type of information and application can give Performance It is ability to system for complete the task and husband of information accuracy of the application even the high multi user interaction constrained hardware resources Performance testing Performance testing allows monitoring and recording the performance level during the regular low and high stress load We can analyze the performance testing in web application and cloud computing Performance testing in web application A web application is an application program that is stored on a remote server and delivered over the internet through a browser interface as a Software Industry growth in a business area and organization it becomes a more competitive and advanced to produce such good quality software If we do manual testing it will take lots of time and that only a waste of time Following types of issues that can be generate in web based application Security of the web application For handicapped users these applications are accessible or not Is application ready for massive spike traffic To overcome this type of issues we have many testing tools for performance testing in web based application Like Apache Jmeter load runner Load UI web Load WAPT Testing anywhere Rational performance tester Q engine Cloud based performance testing cloud based performance testing is part of cloud based testing Performance testing in cloud computing is different from traditional application performance testing Application performance testing focus on performance metrics for application that are under a particular workload for a fixed configuration 

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Henri Lefebvre a French Sociologist

In 1974 Henri Lefebvre a French sociologist and one of the most important and enduring theorists of space and society introduced a concept of the Right to the City in his book The Production of Space Lefebvre 1974 This key idea has influenced many social scientists when creating and transforming social public spaces in the last decades Indeed it has resulted in an entirely new branch of the sociology of space and cultural geography within the Marxist tradition from which Lefebvre himself emerged Our current understandings of urban space within the concept of capitalism would not exist without the work of Lefebvre and there exists a substantial bibliography and critical heritage concerned with his thinking Merrifield 2006 Within the complex contributions of The Production of Space one of the most influential idea was Lefebvre s conceptualisation of the Right to the City In contrast to Mayhew who claimed that it is the right to make full use of the city and to live a richly urban life

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