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It was a warm partly cloudy day in the middle of Spring

It was a warm partly cloudy day in the middle of spring The small birds chirping heavily in harmony and flying from each and every banner that draped across from wall to wall A small breeze blew through the Chinatown which had been placed perfectly in Byculla Mumbai kissing and nipping at each and every one of the civilians bare skin Glancing down from her window stood a young woman a sigh being the only thing she could put out knowing she would be saying goodbye to the culture she grew up loving and knowing The young woman known as Nadia knew the many adjustments she would need to make the United States was far more different than what she was used to She also knew that there would be judgement She was entering unfamiliar territory and leaving old routines behind Nadia had soon began packing her belonging s in the few suitcases she had to bring with her regretting it when she was done because it meant she would soon be saying goodbye to her friends and relatives She wasn t the least bit enthusiastic she was upset for when she was going to say goodbye to the people who have been there her whole life Once many tears and goodbyes had been shed the young woman began to travel and make way to the docks where she would soon board the rather large boat only to begin her departure 

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