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Throughout history there has been many Murders

Throughout history there has been many murders ranging from a single victim to multiple homicides Murderers either slowly cause pain to the victim or kill carelessly Most killers commit murder due to personal troubles for adrenaline rush or simply for the enjoyment of seeing their victim die John Wayne Gacy was an individual that found pleasure in raping and murdering his male victims March 17 1942 in Chicago Illinois the soon to be serial killer John Wayne Gacy was born Mull 2 Gacy would attend four different high schools during his senior year Mull 3 Struggling he never got to graduate and dropped out He moved from his hometown Chicago for Las Vegas Nevada Mull 3 He worked part time at Palm Mortuary a funeral home as a janitor Mull 3 Gacy moved back to his hometown a few months later Mull 3 Early 1960 s he enrolled into a business college Mull 3 He soon prospered a talent for salesmanship Mull

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The costs of litigation and early settled cases in the civil Dispute

The costs of litigation and early settled cases in the civil dispute have indeed occurred because those alternative methods of dispute resolution have a more efficient and easy going results of solving disputes as well as costs due to parties reaching an agreement before going to court The civil Justice system involved reforms such as case management pre action protocols and ADR which were created by Lord Woolf in 1999 which aims to reduce the number of cases getting to court This was due to a number of issues within the previous system for expensive and slow process of concluding cases when Lord Woolf created his interim report in 1995 he emphasised the fact that courts didn t exercise a satisfactory amount of control over cases in particular there is no clear judicial responsibility for managing individual cases or for the overall administration of the civil courts In July 1996 Woolf set out his main objectives which to encourage parties to explore alternatives to court resolution of disputes and saving the courts time and affordable litigation as the first aim introduced was the pre action protocols to make parties to try to settle the dispute before going to court and avoid unnecessary costs of proceedings However in very urgent cases these protocols are not very appropriate

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