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Significance of Polygons By Jordynn Michael

Significance of Polygons By Jordynn Michael It's about time that everybody finds out the significance of polygons A polygon is a figure with a minimum of three sides but typically has five Polygons aren't just used in geometry but are also used in real world careers and in everyday life Not only do polygons play a huge part in geometries history but they also play an important part in various aspects of science social studies and games I will also be including a lesson plan describing how to teach a class about polygons These are the topics that I will be discussing and covering in full detail Question what careers are polygons used in and are they applied in everyday life Some ways that polygons are used are in tiling Tiles are typically in the shape of squares and or rectangles You usually find the area of a polygon by using the formula ½ x perimeter x apothem Also any form of tiling involves polygons Triangles and rectangles are another great example of how polygons are used in everyday Igloos for example are one way that rectangles were used for building homes Many of us know that igloos are made up of rectangular blocks of ice You typically see triangles used in everyday life by looking at the sides of houses A couple of jobs that involve the use of polygons include the architecture and subcontractor roles Subcontractors are a person or business that work on a big project for a company Being a subcontractor involves the use of polygons since they are mostly cutting and measuring materials into certain shapes 

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Research Paper Cabell Calloway the third or Cab Calloway

Research Paper Cabell Calloway the third or Cab Calloway was an amazing performer who did many things and was incredibly successful in everything he did He led a band that was made up of talented musicians and was immensely popular among the people of his time Calloway was very intelligent as well and managed to do a great job in business Calloway accomplished many things in his lifetime He had a long career he sang and appeared in many movies before his death Cab Calloway had a long and successful career because he was very smart about how he conducted not only his band but himself as well Cab Calloway was born on Christmas in Rochester New York in 1907 Encyclopedia Britannica In 1913 when Calloway was 6 his family moved to Baltimore Maryland and he spent most of his childhood there

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