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What is Memes

Have you ever come across any of these recently on the Internet Grumpy cats rickrolls lolcats self deprecating potatoes and an adorable grandma who stares with bewilderment onto the screen of a laptop Your daily dose of social media escapade is probably incomplete without stumbling across some form of Internet meme They usually come to you in the form of a captioned photo a GIF or more rarely a video ripe with content that puts a smile on your face lets you think about ironies of human behaviours and sometimes makes you reflects on life philosophically Memes have gone from a word which most people weren't sure that it's not made up to a bewitching lure that keeps people awake at night scrolling through Facebook After all what is losing a few hours of sleep compared to getting a taste of dank new memes But did you know that the word meme has been around for quite some time It has been around longer than the Internet That's right you read right the first time Memes can exist outside its more vivacious Internet form The Internet was nonexistent when meme is first coined by a British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins as an anthropological concept in his 1976 book

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