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The White Man's Burden is a turn of the 19th century Poem

The White Man's Burden is a turn of the 19th century poem written by English author and poet Rudyard Kipling Although criticized by many for its racism The White Man's Burden is one if not Rudyard Kipling s most famous poem The highly racist poem was written Philippine American War which allowed the U S to gain control of that country The Poem explores the way in which Kipling and many others viewed the war as a glorious thing Through repetition of the title the ideologies of social darwinism and stylistic elements Kiping is able to convey his emotions about the war and civilized intervention Throughout the poem repetition pays a major role in how the reader interprets exactly what the white man burdens entitles The phrase Take up the White Man's Burden is used at the beginning of every stanza After follows what he believes to be the burden that they take With the repetition of this phrase the reader is able to fully understand and analyze exactly what Kipling is attempting to convey which is that the white men have taken the burden of the war to civilize the natives In the beginning stanza Kipling introduces the reader to this burden He explains that the white men must send their best they breed We then moves onto saying the white men must Harness the half devils half childs 

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