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Social Movements are involved in conflictual Relations

Social Movements are involved in conflictual relations with clearly identified opponents they are linked by dense informal networks and share a distinct collective identity Porta 2006 A movement is not merely a crowd it involves collective behaviour innovation networking multi centeredness fluid boundaries of membership and willingness of the members to disrupt the existing social order This paper aims to understand the emergence and growth of the Black Feminist Movement with an insight to the theories of social movements The Black Feminist movement grew because of gender and sex discrimination in the Black Liberation movement and the Women s movement respectively In the Women s movement black women were racially oppressed and sexually oppressed in the Black Liberation movement as a result the Black Feminist Movement was formed Black women came to the terms that black was equated with the black men and woman with the white women Due to which the black women were treated as an invisible group and their needs were ignored To develop theory which would address the intersectionality of class gender and race in their lives and policies that would take action against the discrimination of class sex and race were the main purpose of the movement Black Women in Black Liberation Movement In the Black Liberation Movement the black women were facing constant sexism 

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Morphing of money and Politics

For quite a long time in this world there has been a morphing of money and politics Our government control the means of value through fiat currency paper money If you think about it banks get money from the government and almost everyone in this entire country has once had or has a loan from those banks Yet if you do not pay your loans or house payment you get that loan money or house taken from you They can literally take away something of actual value from you based on paper This paper only has value from law

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