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What is a computer hardware Engineer

A computer hardware engineer is someone who researches designs develops and tests computer systems and components such as processors circuit boards memory devices networks and routers In short they mainly build the computers that people around the world us almost every day They will design and draw out a new computer hardware system with material and all Sometimes they will even suggest to software developers what kinds of software will run the best with that hardware But that is only what people see on the outside The following will discuss education job skills earnings benefits employment facts and the typical day of a computer hardware engineer Before anything else in order to become a computer hardware engineer one must have a certain level of education like almost any job According to www study com computer engineers must have a bachelor's degree which is four years of study in college www collegedata com says that the average pay for a bachelor's degree in the U S A is 33 480 In order to do the researching side of computer engineering though one would need a doctorate which is about five years of study People can receive education for their degrees in colleges or universities A small amount of colleges will accept people with only a minimum of three years of high school But most need all three years of it for you to be able to apply 

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