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Mass media has the power to suggests how consumers Think

Mass media has the power to suggests how consumers think what they do and what they believe Most of the information consumers are fed is cherry picked to benefit the media itself Two media forms that adequately represent this issue are the book Fahrenheit 451 and the movie The Truman Show Between author Ray Bradbury s dystopian world of Fahrenheit 451 and Truman Burbank's perfect world within the movie both medias expose the power of manipulation mass media holds over it s audience and the negative aspects that go along with this The society of Fahrenheit 451 is constantly surrounded by an endless stream of media with the sole purpose of distracting people from the real issues of the world The endless stream of media leaking through television radio billboards and parlor walls numbed the citizens and brainwashed them into compliance with the governments ideals The people were pounded into submission They did not run there was no place to run Bradbury 75 The book presents the issue of a society constantly exposed to controlling media which in turn prevents them from caring about major issues This is how mass manipulation thrives The lives of those within Fahrenheit 451 are censored and controlled by the will of the government through the manipulation of mass media

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