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Historically racial categories were not neutral or Objective

Inferiority and superiority Historically racial categories were not neutral or objective Groups were differentiated so they could be excluded or disadvantaged Before this exercise I thought of the term race as a group of people that share the same culture ethnicity and language After doing some research I would define the term race as a group of people with a common feature or features and having distinct physical characteristics Now race is frequently based on such the concept of genetic markers as blood groups When talking about genetics it is examined that the transmission of traits from one generation to another is a complex process The most surprising information that I learned is that there is as much or more diversity and genetic difference within any racial group as there is between people of different racial groups We tend to think that people of the same race are more alike than people of different races However that is not the case There is not one characteristic gene or trait that distinguishes all members of one so called race from all members of another so called race This is because there are inconsistencies in the way different groups are defined For example Africa continent has the widest range and greatest diversity of skin color Egyptian people have lighter skin then people from Nigeria People in southern India are as dark as many Africans Most traits are inherited independently of one another The genes for hair texture have nothing to do with genes for skin color blood types body shape or athletic ability

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