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Factory farm pollution is a major environmental Issue

Factory farm pollution is a major environmental issue in North Carolina Over ninety nine percent of animals in America are raised in factory farms Factory farming is also called industrial farming and CAFO which stands for concentrated animal feeding operation These are when farmers raise livestock on farms then they kill the animals in large numbers They do this to get tons of meat to feed the large population people Despite these factories being productive the produce so much waste it affects the environment negatively Factory farms also harm the animals by leaving them in cruel crowded that are unsafe for the animal The major way factory farming contributes to pollution is through animal waste One cow can produce 115 pounds of manure per day and with hundreds of animals this amount of waste piles up Since there is no law saying you have to treat animal feces than most farms won t do it Instead almost all the time on industrial farms animal manure is not left on the ground it is left in the building where the animal lives Then the animal waste is moved to be stored in man made bodies of water called lagoons which are out in the open

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