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Animal care professionals who are unsure what Hydrotherapy

Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to create a 1000 word essay aimed at animal care professionals who are unsure what hydrotherapy is and how the process works The following must be included What hydrotherapy entails 5 examples of different hydrotherapy equipment and the use of each one 6 common conditions hydrotherapy is used for how a patient would get referred for hydrotherapy professional duties of a hydrotherapist and Health and Safety responsibilities of a hydrotherapist Main Topic Hydrotherapy at a Glance Hydrotherapy is seen as a complementary therapy including physiotherapy and electrotherapy Wong E 2009 pp5 6 Hydrotherapy is the use of water to maintain and restore a dog's health Wong 2011 also highlights that hydrotherapy enables dogs to use a greater range of motion while carrying out weightless exercise Other beneficial factors are weight and pain management rehabilitation of injuries and surgical treatment 

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