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Environmental issues which is rising day by Day

REASONS FOR CHOOSING THIS TOPIC I have taken this topic as I had interest regarding the environmental issues which is rising day by day As for other topics based on environmental issues like deforestation environmental degradation different types of pollution and other Environmental hazards we have learned about it in the past many years but for me the topic OVERFISHING was a topic which I had to learn from scratch and which I had no enough knowledge about it Also in the recent times overfishing was a major threat in Korea and the government has also initiated some of the provisions which strengthen the rules and regulations of overfishing and was focused on the increase in the depletion of resources in the sea In the year 2017 Korea had frequently informing the crowd regarding overfishing in Korea s Sea by the Chinese fishing vessel through news channels and social media Thus increasing awareness about the dangers that will arise in the markets in Korea and also dangers to the environment Thus this gave an idea and motivation to study this topic and research about the topic Also as GATT and WTO being a treaty and organization which is signed by many other countries including 

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