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A remarkable increase in different issues like network Complexity

A remarkable increase in different issues like network complexity increased access of Internet information sharing and a growing impact of Internet gives rise to security and privacy as a major concern for research Data mining is a technique for extracting knowledge automatically and intelligently from huge amount of data Individual Sensitive information compromising the individual's right to privacy is also disclosed during the process Privacy preserving data mining PPDM refers to securing the privacy of personal data or sensitive information without losing the productiveness of data Privacy preserving data mining is drawing booming attention in the past recent years with the expeditious development of Internet data processing and data storage technologies Privacy of an individual will not be violated until and unless one feels his her private information is being used unfavorably No one can prevent someone's personal information from being misused once it is disclosed There are several methods that have been put forward for privacy concern but this branch of research is still in its infancy 

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