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Business knowledge is a critical Resource

Introduction Business knowledge is a critical resource attributed to the success of any organization Today businesses rely on constant data capture to positively drive market research increase sales and create a competitive edge for the organization The volume of data collected by an individual company can appear immeasurable as it is common for one businesses data pool to double in size every 18 months Brown 2011 Simply put businesses have a great deal of information to protect both for their customers privacy and the protection of valuable company knowledge Breaches in data have the potential to be catastrophic to an enterprise leading to financial loss irreversible brand damage and future organizational instability Cheng 2017 Some companies spend millions of dollars each year on security and protection as a way of data breach prevention but as recent large scale data losses have indicated there is more that companies can be doing to protect their valuable information According to the Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems approximately eighty to ninety percent of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies have experienced data breaches Shaw 2010 Therefore it is imperative for business leaders to establish solid and effective data breach prevention to safeguard against both internal and external vulnerabilities that could leave their company open to threats Data Breach Examples and Preventions 

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