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Financial inclusion is a current concept that has Developed

Financial inclusion is a current concept that has developed from a triage of computer technology mobile devices and political mobilization by social advocates who seek to enhance economic prospects for the lowest income citizens in the developing world Financial inclusion allows people and businesses to access secure convenient and affordable payments for meeting daily needs and long term goals Visa 2017 For the two billion unbanked adults in the global population the introduction of electronic payments can become a critical tool to address issues related to poverty while also helping local merchants grow their business ventures Underserved and Overlooked 2017 Companies such as Visa are bolstering financial inclusion for marginalized communities through cutting edge digital initiatives that pave the path out of poverty and catalyze financial growth for destitute citizens Visa Inc operates the world s largest global consumer payment system with a reach of over 200 countries and territories across six continents Their cards are accepted at 46 million merchant locations are issued by 16 300 financial institutions and amount to more than 3 billion cards circulating worldwide Schiermann 2017 Visa s vast digital network is a powerful platform to advance financial inclusion on a global scale 

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