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Apple is an American company that produces operating systems computers

Apple is an American company that produces operating systems computers and multimedia devices It is based in Cupertino in the State of California With its product the iPhone 5s smartphone the company holds the record of the best selling smartphone in the world Previously from April 1 1976 to January 3 1977 it was known as Apple Computer Company and from January 3 1977 to 2007 as Apple Computer Inc The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in Cupertino Silicon Valley California The current CEO is In August 2011 Apple becomes one of the largest companies in the world by stock capital and most valuable in the world ahead of the eternal rival Microsoft On 12 August 2012 Apple became the privately held company with the largest market capitalization of all time beating the previous record of Microsoft s rival that was dated back to 1999 In 2012 profits grew by 94 On November 25 2014 Apple broke the 700 billion market cap beating its previous record from 2012 no American company had exceeded this threshold Apple wants to enrich and delight the world through their innovative products They are a company that promise and give possibilities they promote an environment where they can push beyond boundaries and across borders to create devices and brands that helps everyone in every occasion 

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