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War in general can be described as a conflict or a Condition

War in general can be described as a conflict or a condition of armed conflict arises between various countries or even among the society itself that are involved with destruction aggression or military forces Some of the famous wars are such as the unforgettable World War I and World War II which had killed millions of civilians Above that World War II is considered as the deadliest war in history since the number of deaths involved were over 80 million Therefore that is why there is an existence on the law of war which regulates the rights and duties of belligerents in international law The law of war is basically part of the international law that deals with the establishment conduct and cessation of warfare which is comprised of different laws such as the customary international law and treaty law Some of the treaties that can be found are such as the 1856 Paris Declaration Respecting Maritime Law which had exterminated privateering The other example is the 1874 Project of an International Declaration regarding the laws and customs of war that is also known as the Brussels Declaration It was signed in Brussels but it however never came into force Nevertheless it formed part of the 1899 Hague Peace Conference or which is also known as the Hague Conventions This convention consists of several main sections and additional declarations such as the Pacific Settlement of International Disputes Still it can be said that there may be difficulties for the law of war to keep up with the swift changes caused by the development of various and advanced weapons Therefore this is why it is important to supplement and amend the earlier treaties from time to time However if according to the legal term law of war is a feature of public international law which concerns with acceptable justifications involving in war and limitation of acceptable wartime conduct 

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The world we live in revolves around the culmination of various energy Sources

The world we live in revolves around the culmination of various energy sources to operate the daily necessities of living such as food shelter electricity transportation and much more The following paper will evaluate the conventional energy technologies used as well as alternative energy sources and their impact on Earth Furthermore the chemistry behind the functionality of the energy sources will be analyzed One of the largest environment impacting energy sources used involves fossil fuel burning Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons that are produced from the remains of dead animals and plants Coal fuel oil and natural gas are common examples of fossil fuels A hydrocarbon is an organic compound that is made up of hydrogen and carbon When decomposed hydrocarbons supply a large quantity of carbon and hydrogen which when bonded could form chains The primary use of hydrocarbons is as a combustible fuel source Chemistry principles could be used to describe the burning of methane or the carbon in coal The reaction C O2 CO2 is the basic reaction of the burning of carbon which provides the greatest energy source 

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