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Investigated the MMPI 2 classification of fibromyalgia FM Patients

Palmer Borras Perez Pareja Sese and Vilarino 2013 investigated the MMPI 2 classification of fibromyalgia FM patients chronic pain patients and normal subjects subjects without a medical condition The main goal was to identify whether patients are properly classified under the MMPI 2 scales and indexes in forensic settings Furthermore the authors sought to investigate whether the responses could differentiate between genuine patients with a medical condition e g chronic pain or FM and a control group As a result of their investigation the authors worked on a new criteria that enables the proper identification of patients A total of 105 subjects completed the Spanish version of the MMPI 2 27 had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 44 with chronic pain and 34 healthy subjects The majority of participants were female in all groups 88 9 women with FM 86 4 with chronic pain and 91 2 healthy women Patients in the study were diagnosed by professionals in the health services in Spain and were undergoing treatment Healthy patients were selected from Primary Care Services They presented with mild health problems but no pain or other significant problems such as chronic pathology and similar sociodemographic characteristics as the other participants 

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