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A primary structure is the distinctive sequence of amino Acids

A primary structure is the distinctive sequence of amino acids which make up a protein This sequence is also known as a polypeptide chain Ala Gly Val Tyr Arg Leu Ser Met Asn Cys Pro AGVYRLSMNCP To make it less complicated and abbreviate each amino acid residue with either a three letter or one The protein chain in the primary structure depends all on the identification of the amino acid sequence These molecules determine how the molecular chain will fold Diagram The polypeptide bonds are created by enzyme catalysed condensation reactions Then it is broken by the enzyme catalysed hydrolysis reactions The monomers in the diagram below show that they form proteins Proteins are made up of a variation of amino acid polymers and they are different type of biomolecule in our bodies Different protein types include enzymes that catalyse chemical reactions receptors that control signalling in bodies Haemoglobin carries oxygen throughout the bloodstream muscle and organ tissue which gives your body structure and mobility and so many other things Amino acids form peptide bonds with one another the peptide bond between the two NH and CO units cause a condensation reaction A condensation reaction is the reaction of two small molecules that make a larger molecule e g H2O In this process water is removed draw picture

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