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Photography presents the world to Us

Photography presents the world to us but solely the world the photographer creates Susan Sontag makes a clever assertion that photographs limit our ability to understand the world around us because we just process images as the camera shows them and accepting to apprend things the way they are is the reverse of true comprehension and assimilation The audience only perceives what s within the frame Photography makes a person or even forces a person to use their imagination to envision where and when the picture was taken what situations were happening at the time of the image or even why the picture was taken in the first place There is much more to life than what meets the eye which can be represented and validated in many more ways than one A visual examination of a photo is barely sufficient enough to embrace the significance of what was being photographed I support Sontag s stance that photography limits our understanding of the world in that photography gives you a sneak peek of reality but the realities have been influenced the photographer s transcendence Photography is used to swindle the audience's eyes 

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