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Leadership is the vision and action of mobilizing Others

Leadership is the vision and action of mobilizing others to take a mutual decision for the mutual benefits In its simplest terms leadership is an attempt to influence So anytime one tries to influence someone in a group of organisations one is attempting leadership There is no one all purpose magical solution for being an effective leader The only way to impact the performance of the other people is through one's own behaviour Effective leadership depends upon what behaviour one is using in a particular situation Thus leadership is not about how one behaves to a person as a leader but how is one affecting to that person in reference to a specific activity The idea is known as Situational leadership Situational leadership simply states that there is no one best leadership style for all situations The leadership style that is best for a particular situation depends upon employee s skill set and attitude One need to match the leaders behaviour to the performance needs of the individual or the group A good leader is required change his her leadership style according to the maturity level of its followers which could be described on the basis of their ability and their willingness 

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