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4 Implications and Future Direction In Summary

4 Implications and Future Direction In summary the author suggests that there must be factors from both sides present that an individual is inclined to join ISIS The personal motivational factors shape the beliefs attitudes and the ideology of a person in a way which could potentially increase the probability he or she joins the organisation The organisational motivational factor on the other hand play an important role for the appeal of the group and they also provide the context for the personal connection one has towards the organisation From a psychological point of view involvement in terrorism is shaped by the interaction between the group and the individual instead of a static process only coming from the person alone In the opinion of the author security services around the world need to act before a person becomes influenced by ISIS The intelligence resources needed are of course enormous and it can be a very difficult task Therefore authorities have to work with the local community friends family establishing good relations between the police and the citizens to increase the chances of identifying someone who is attracted to a terror organisation Secondly they need to address ISIS very sophisticated use of social media by developing counter narratives to reduce the effectiveness of the groups online propaganda efforts 

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