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Consumers perform web searches on mobile Devices

A large percentage of consumers perform web searches on mobile devices Therefore businesses have started investing more on their mobile websites than they have in the past One only has to drive by a bus stop or ride on a train to see that a large number of people are glued to their phones Since companies know this their mobile advertising has increased significantly hoping to catch the attention of those consumers with the intent that attention will translate into revenue Business communications have also changed due to the pervasiveness of cell phones and the fact that people with cell phones carry them with them generally at all times This allows companies to contact their employees at any time day or night and basically anywhere in the world This can take the form of a mobile phone call or by email And it works the other way as well as employees can check their company email on their mobile devices at any time The always connected nature of company mobile devices has many positive effects on companies but also some negative effects as well Mobile technology allows employees to potentially work with each other from anywhere in the world whether it be through audio or video teleconferencing Remote access helps employees connect to and work with company servers files and databases when not at their physical work location 

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