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Definition and The Purpose of Full Day School

Definition and The Purpose of Full Day School The ministry of education in Indonesia had just implement the full day school about a year ago Full day school is a system of education where school activity started and run full day It started at 06 45 and ended at about 15 30 with a 2 hours break duration Bahrudin said that the main focus of this system is the settings of study subjects and the deepening of the subjects material With this the education can deliver lots of material to the students in a short time in the educational schedule This system is implemented based on a study that said that the effective learning time for childrens are 3 4 hours a day in a formal form And 7 8 hours in an informal form With this the government hopes that the implementation of full day school will creates a fun and effective learning systems and good atmosphere in school studying activities The implementation of full day school itself exist in order to face educational problems regarding morale and behavior With full day school parents can be assured that their child are save and prevented from activities that could lead their kids into bad things Controversies Regarding Full Day School Although the definition and purpose of full day school was seem legit to solve a lot of problems to Indonesians education fact said that in the implementation of full day school it is not that ideal There are a lot of problems and contradiction comes to the system After one years of the implementation of full day school society retrieves a lot of real problems that occurs in this system The background of the problems are mostly problems regarding cultural and economical condition of the students Indonesians economical condition are proven to be still below averages of a good economical condition

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